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Crazy Sphinx Mine, Helena, Helena District (Spring Hill District), Lewis and Clark Co., Montana, USA Helena Mineral Society

Regular Meeting

Third Thursday
of every month

Neighborhood Center
200 Cruse Avenue

Meeting begins at
7:00 p.m.


To renew your annual membership or to become a new member of the Helena Mineral Society, read Duties of Members, print and fill out the Membership Application. Mail the application, along with your check to:
Helena Mineral Society
P. O. Box 736
Helena, MT 59624

Family membership - $20.00 annually
Single membership - $12.50 annually

Dues should be paid before May 1 of each year. Once your application and check are received a membership card along with a windshield card will be mailed to you. Instructions for the windshield card are found on the back side of the card.

If you have any questions regarding membership, call the Membership Chair listed in the monthly Newsletter which is posted on this web site.

View and download membership information:

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Philipsburgite : (Cu,Zn)6[(OH)3|(AsO4,PO4)]2 路 H2O

Specializing in
Family Fun & Recreation ~ Education ~ Outdoors Activities ~ Minerals

James Bruce, President
PO Box 736
Helena, MT 59624